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Glee Live Tour || One last song


After the Glee cast finished their last season 3 episode, they went touring. A 3rd Glee Live Tour was a fact! After the immense succes of the two previous tours, Ryan, Ian and Brad decided unanoumisly.

Yet, this time, the tour would be a smaller one, only in the US, since most of the cast members had other projects besides Glee. Many were working on their solo album, others were shooting movies, etc.


Today was the last show of this third Glee Live Tour. They ended where they started it, at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Everybody was feeling a bit nostalgic. This was probably the last time ever, that they would all perform together in front of a live audience. The last time that they would be together on stage. So they were determined to make it unforgettable! And boy, did they succeed!

It was pré show. Still hours to go before they would start the show, yet they were already at the Staples Center. Ryan and their tour manager wanted them all there in advance, so they would be focused and keeping their head in the game, since they were performing in LA, many of their friends would be coming to see the show.

Matthew, Harry, Darren, Chord, Kevin and Naya and some of the Warbler guys were walking in the big entrance hall at the first floor. Doors were still closed for the audience, so the only people down there were crew members etc. Matthew and Darren leaned over the barrier and watched outside through the big glass wall.

"Look at that. It’s still 3 hours ‘till showtime and there are already so many people out there." Darren said.
“Crazy, right?” Matthew answered. He raised his eyebrow. Down there were so many people waving and screaming, just to get their attention. “Maybe we should do something to make the waiting more enjoyable?”  Matthew asked, while turning around, leaning with his back against the barrier and crossing his arms. “What are you thinking?” Darren asked. “I don’t know, sing them a song?” And he smiled.

"Darren, turn around. Picture time!" On that cue they heard the soft voice from Dianna who came walking closer with her Canon camera in her hands. "Smile to the picture, you cute boys." She jokingly said. Darren and Matthew smiled at this and she snapped their picture.

"Oh boys. The paparazzi has arrived!" Kevin screamed with his hands in the air, meaning Dianna and her camera. Dianna just turned around and invaded Kevin with dozens of pictures! The others laughed. They enjoyed themselves some more, taking silly pictures and provoking each other.

Naya grabbed the guard rail and looked over to the crowd. Dianna and Matthew walked over to her and did the same. “So crazy.” “I know. I still can’t believe so many people want to come out to see us, this bunch of noobs, together on a stage.” Kevin piped in.

"You guys. Matthew said we should sing them a song." Darren said. "What do you guys think of that."

"The crowd would go wild." Naya responded. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Where’s Ryan? We’ll have to ask first…" Dianna said.

So they went to search for Ryan. They let one of the crew members call him and the others together at one of the back stage area’s. Ryan wasn’t really fond of the idea, but all the other cast members were. And they were super excited! Now they just had to find a song.

They settled with It’s time by Imagine Dragons. One of Darren’s current obsessions. Matthew and Darren agreed on playing the guitar because they both knew the chords. Kevin grabbed a tambourine, he would be doing some awesome percussion. Cory grabbed some drum sticks and a bucket. “That will do” He smiled. The others would sing and clap their hands.

The security people had secluded an area in front of the doors of the big glass front wall, where all those people were waiting. They would be making a lot of people very happy in just a few moments. They were walking down to the doors and just the screaming of the crowd made their excitement that much bigger. Their smiles were huge and very bright and their eyes were glittering with excitement. The crowd went wild when they noticed that the Glee cast would come out.

The doors opened and they stepped out. Cory put his finger to his mouth, asking for silence. At first, the crowd went even louder, if that’s even possible, but then they started to silence down, just enough so they would hear what the Glee cast had to say. This was their cue to start the song.

(I’d suggest you listen to this while reading further: )

They started with some percussion. Stamping their feet to the ground and clapping their hands in union.

Then Matthew and Darren joined in with their guitars, while the others continued the percussion.

Matthew started the vocals.

Matthew -

So this is what you meant

When you said that you were spent

And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit

Right to the top

Don’t hold back

Darren -

Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check


I don’t ever wanna let you down

I don’t ever wanna leave this town

'Cause after all


This city never sleeps tonight

It’s time to begin, isn’t it?

I get a little bit bigger, but then I’ll admit

I’m just the same as I was

Darren alone- Now don’t you understand

All- That I’m never changing who I am


So this is where you fell

And I am left to sail

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell


Right to the top

Don’t look back

Turning to rags and giving the commodities a rain check


I don’t ever wanna let you down

I don’t ever wanna leave this town

'Cause after all


This city never sleeps tonight

It’s time to begin, isn’t it?

I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit

I’m just the same as I was

Darren alone -Now don’t you understand

All- That I’m never changing who I am



This road never looked so lonely

This house doesn’t burn down slowly

To ashes, to ashes


It’s time to begin, isn’t it?

I get a little bit bigger, but then I’ll admit

I’m just the same as I was

Darren alone - Now don’t you understand

All- That I’m never changing who I am


They ended with some percussion and a guitar solo by Matthew.

 The crowd went absolutely wild and the cast mates had enjoyed themselves so very much! They were all laughing and smiling, cheering eachother on, singing their hearts out.

Then Darren spoke up: “We just wanted to thank you all for coming, tonight. We hope you’ll enjoy the show!”

And then they re-entered the building to go and get ready for tonight’s show.

The show went by great. They all did their silly little jokes and dressed weirdly for their last performances. Most of the boys danced around without their shirts,much to the delight of the young screaming teenage girl in the audience, the girls were using the Warbler ties as fashion accessories, Darren had his pink sunglasses on, … It was amazing to see them having so much fun on stage, they truly made the best of their last show!

After their last performance of the night, the highly awaited ‘Somebody to love’, the cast hugged and kissed each other on stage. The dancers, crew and Warblers joined them too. They said their goodbyes to ‘the best audience ever’ and headed over to their backstage area were a ‘small’ party exploded! Bottles of champagne, pizza, many silly and weird photographs and some amazing quirky dances and faces made this party what it was. They were just having so much fun.

 Then Ryan asked for silence.

"You guys did amazing. I’m really proud of all of you. Tonight was even better then most previous shows. You really gave the audience what they asked for."

Dianna chirped in. “That’s right. Naked men!” The others laughed. “Wanky.” Naya piped in and poked Dianna in her side.

"That was not what I meant, Dianna," He looked over to her with a serious face, she couldn’t contain her laughing. "But yeah, it was a nice surplus! No, what I meant to say, you guys gave an amazing performance and proved that you are all so close, one big family. You remember how the criticasters said that by the end of season 1, we would all be hating on each other, and look at us, by the end of season 3, you guys are even closer. So you’ve proved them all wrong! You are AMAZING! And I am blessed to be able to be working with this crazy talented bunch of people. So, thank you." The surrounding crew, Telly, Zach, Ian and Brad all clapped their hands in agreement. The cast members hugged each other and thanked Ryan.

"Now, one last prayer circle. All of us together?" Ryan asked, looking around to all those smiling faces around him. Some, were tearing up a bit.

They all got together and put their arms around each other.

"Any of you want to say a word?"

So they went round and all said a little something.

“I enjoyed your little impromptu pre show performance.” Ryan said. “Maybe you guys want to do it again? A little birdie told me that there are many people waiting at the back door. What do you guys think? One last song?”

They all agreed and planned on singing 'Good riddance' because of the fitting lyrics.

"Okay, hands together, and last time, one three you guys, … " Ryan said

"One, two, three…" "AAAAH-MAZING!!!” And they all screamed with excitement.

The group emerged. Chord, Mark and Matthew all grabbed a guitar and followed the others through the arena tunnels to the backstage entrance. They were sharing their tour memories and dancing silly. Ever since Naya did her little ‘Naya dance’, all the girls were trying to come up with something like that to.

( listen to: )

Matthew, Mark and Chord got out first.. The crowd went wild. The three of them started strumming their guitar and the awaiting crowd knew what they were up to so the decibels lowered. The others followed close behind.

Cory and Darren started singing the verses while the others joined in during the chorus.

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road

Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go

So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why

It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time

Singing the chorus, they all hugged each other so they were standing in a half circle, looking at the crowd and each other. Dianna was crying (damn those baby hormones!) so Chord  hugged her close. He shared a look with Matthew, mouthing to him “I’ve got her, bro”. He smiled.

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.

I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind

Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time

Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial

For what it’s worth it was worth all the while

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.

I hope you had the time of your life.

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.

I hope you had the time of your life.

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.

I hope you had the time of your life.

After the last few chords, Matthew grabbed his guitar and put it high in the air. He got in the row of his cast mates, next to Dianna . He hugged her close and kissed her head. They all bowed in front of the cheering and applauding audience.

A night to remember. Definitely!

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Glee Live Tour || Your Biggest Littlest Fan


After the Glee cast finished their last season 3 episode, they went touring. A 3rd Glee Live Tour was a fact! After the immense success of the two previous tours, Ryan, Ian and Brad decided unanimously.

Yet, this time, the tour would be a smaller one, only in the US, since most of the cast members had other projects besides Glee. Many were working on their solo album, others were shooting movies, etc.


The Glee cast were just leaving the stage after their last performance of the night. They closed with an amazing rendition of ‘Somebody to love’, a song that was special to all of them and a perfect song to end their live show. Also a big fan favorite because of the, pure friendly, Achele handhold, which Lea & Dianna did every time just to please the audience.

After their own backstage celebrations and cheers came the quick debriefing of their schedules from the tour manager and his assistant before they all got changed and freshened up. Then they started to make their way  towards their tour busses through the tunnels of the arena.

Matthew walked with Lea, Cory and Dianna out to the lot. “We brought the party down tonight.”

"Hell yeah we did!" Lea exclaimed and laughed when Dianna threw her hands up in agreement.

The quartet of friends continued to share their thoughts and favorite parts of tonight’s show when screams and shouts over came them.

Outside of their row of busses was a small barrier fence to separate the area, making the part with the busses private, and being held back by it was a pretty decent crowd of fans screaming for their attention.

"Great show!" One person yelled while others had compliments for individual people of the cast.

"We love you, guys!" A group of girls decked out in full Glee attire screamed.

Matthew scanned the line of people before grinning and turning to one of their traveling crew members.

"Do we have time to sign a few autographs or something?" He questioned and the man pursed his lips in thought before replying. "I think we could spare maybe ten or fifteen minutes."

Matthew smiled thankfully. “Great.” He grinned.

He turned to Dianna, Cory and Lea. “What do you guys say? Wanna go over and make someone’s night?”

The three shared a look and smiled before nodding their heads in agreement.

"Hey, we have about ten minutes to spare before we need to get on the busses," Matthew informed the group of Darren, Chord, Naya, and Amber, walking in front of them "Do you guys want to come over and say hi to the fans?"

Without hesitation, the group shared smiles and agreed and just in time as the rest of the cast filed out of the backstage tunnels to the parking lot.

After quickly letting everyone know what they were going to do, they made their way over to the fans by the barrier whose faces  lit up  as they saw the cast approaching.

"Ohmygod!" One girl shouted  in one breath, clearly excited. "Naya! Heather! Can I get a picture with you please?"

"Mark, will you sign this?"

"Hi, Lea, you were really great tonight! Will you sign my shirt?"

Dianna and Matthew stuck together as the cast shuffled from person to person to sign as much as they could before a group of girls and a few guys asked to get a picture with Dianna. Dianna smiled and agreed of course. Matthew took the picture, making some jokes on the way.

"Nate?" Matthew turned around to search for the little voice that called out to him by his show name. He couldn’t help but smile brightly when he found the person to who the soft voice belonged to. It was a younger girl and from the looks of it, she couldn’t have been older than seven or eight. She was barely taller than the barrier. Matthew smiled at the sight of it. "Hey," he greeted sweetly and bent down to one knee to meet the girl at her height. "How are you tonight, princess?"

The little girl’s face lit up upon Matthew’s recognition. “I’m fine, thank you, sir.”

His smile got a little wider at hearing her polite response. Mad props to the parents for raising the girl to be mannerly.

"Good. What can I do for you?" He asked the girl and she held out her program of the show. "Do you want me to sign that?" And Matthew got hold of the program.

"Please." Matthew appreciated the manners again.

Matthew grabbed a sharpie and he opened the program to its first page.

"What’s your name, sweetheart?" He asked the little girl.

"Indi. What’s yours?"

"That’s a really nice name. Mine’s Matthew." He replied with his smile before penning the page. "Do you want me to sign this from Nate, though?"

The girl shook her head heavy. “No, you can sign it from Matthew, because now  I know your real name.”

He nodded his head, still smiling. “Okay, will do, miss.”

He handed the program back when he finished writing.

The girl looked excitedly down at the page and her eyes lit up at seeing that he actually wrote her something instead of just signing his name like she had expected.

She read it out loud. "Indi, I hope you enjoyed the show tonight. What was your favorite part? Mine was meeting you. You’re the best – Matthew O’Conner"

Indi’s face lit up just as intensely as her eyes a minute ago after reading it.

"Your favorite part was meeting me?" And she looked up at Matthew with her bright, blue eyes.

"You bet," he promised her. "Meeting people like you -he pointed at her- is the best part of all of this.”

Indi giggled to herself. “Well mine was when you guys sang ‘Somebody to love’ and you hugged Quinn after it. It was sweet. Nate and Quinn are my favorites in the whole wide world.” Indi put her hands in the air when she said this.

Matthew was surprised to hear this, coming from an eight year old. Usually he got Finchel as the favorite when they asked.

And as if Dianna had attuned hearing to her show name, she appeared next to him.

"Hey you" she greeted her boyfriend before looking down to the girl he was talking to. "Hi there, cutie." And Dianna got down too.

"Hi, Quinn!" Sarah responded happily, excited that her two favorite characters were right in front of her.

Dianna glanced back to Matthew who informed her that the girl didn’t know their real names before smiling back to the girl.

"I’m Dianna. What’s your name?"

"I am Indi. You guys are my favorite!" She informed Dianna enthusiastically.

"Would it be possible if she could get a picture with the two of you?" A woman standing behind Indi asked and Matthew assumed it must have been her mother.

"Absolutely" Dianna replied. "I was just about to ask if she’d like one."

With the permission of the tour crewman that was with them, Indi was lifted over the barrier into Matthew’s arms. She hugged her both arms tightly around his neck and smiled very bright. Matthew’s face lit up too. Dianna quickly grabbed her own phone and snapped a picture of the lovely sight in front of her then she got next to Matthew, with Indi in between them. The three of them smiled bright when Indi’s mom snapped the picture.

 "Can we do a silly one too?" Indi turned and questioned the pair. Matthew glanced at Dianna. "Can we, Dianna? Please?" She laughed at his childlike pleading.

"I think we can do a quick one." She answered and he nodded in agreement.

"Okay, we’re gonna count. On three, okay? One, two, three!" and the three made goofy faces for the camera when the flash went off. The little girl then hugged Dianna. "Is there a baby in there?" she suddenly asked, pointing at Dianna’s belly. She laughed and put her hands on her belly. "Well, yeah, there is. Two actually." She smiled. She loved the fact that her pregnancy was already out, so she had nothing to keep secret. "Wow, two? That’s cool!" Matthew laughed at the girl’s excitement. They then said their goodbyes to Indi and her mother.

He wrapped his arm around Dianna’s shoulders as they walked to rejoin the others.

"Onto the next stop?"

Dianna turned up to look at him and smiled as they walked. “To New Jersey.”

Matthew kissed her head and they entered the bus.

Dianna was nestled close to Matthew, once the bus was driving. She got out her phone and looked at the picture of Matthew and the little girl from tonight. “Look at you, you’re just great with kids. Look at her smile! She really loved you.” Dianna grinned in Matthew’s ear. He looked down at the picture. “Yeah, she was great. Can’t wait to hold one of these two…” He put her hand on her belly. She kissed him. They smiled.

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Scavenger Hunt - Part 10 || That’s all …

Dianna was standing in one of the elevators of the Mondrian Hotel. She was nervously playing with her bracelet. Just a few minutes ago, she had said goodbye to Ashley and her make up and hair artists. Now, it really was up to her. She was gonna see Matthew, and she was gonna see him soon.

Dianna looked at the lights in the elevator. Lighting the numbers of the floors she passed. She counted with them… Until the elevator finally stopped, after what seemed like forever. She took a deep breath and whispered to herself “I’m ready”. The doors opened and she stepped out.

Dianna had guessed the last location of the day correct. When she thought back on that party that Matthew was talking about, she immediately knew. That night was still very clear in her memories. It was one of the so many moments over the past years that had made Dianna realise how great Matthew truly is. That he is one of the good guys.

The party had been at the top floor at the Mondrian. A beautiful outdoor living area near the pool. The place were Dianna was right now. She looked around and was amazed by what she saw. The pool was covered with red rose petals. There were candles everywhere and romantic lights in the trees. Wow.

"I see you’ve found me."

Dianna turned around. There he finally stood. Matthew. He looked amazing, dressed in a nice navy suit with a chic white button up. In his hand, a single red rose and the most beautiful smile ever on his face.

Dianna ran over to Matthew. She hugged him tight.

"I’ve missed you." She whispered.
“Not as much as I missed you.” He answered and kissed her forehead.

They remained like this for a while. Not willing to let the other go.

Matthew lifted Dianna’s chin with his hand and looked in her eyes.
“You-” and he gave her a kiss “must be-” he kissed her again “starving-” one more kiss “after the day you just had?” And he gave her one last kiss, before grabbing her hand and pulling her a long.

Dianna laughed at this.

"I was craving. Craving for you." and they both laughed.

Dianna made Matthew stop and caressed his face with her hand.
“Today was amazing. I don’t know how you were able to plan this all behind my back…”

"Everything for you, my love. I’m a sneeky guy." He grinned and she kissed him.

"But, the best is yet to come…" and he showed her a perfectly set , romantic table for two by the poolside. Dianna breathed out what sounded much like 'amazing'.

The true gentleman Matthew was, he helped her sit down and slid her chair under the table.

"If you’re gonna tell me you cooked dinner yourself too, then I don’t know what to think anymore…" Dianna said joking.

“God no, way to complicated!” Matthew responded with a laugh. “I took care of it.” And he ringed the bell that was lying on the table. At that time, an other familiar face appeared, holding two plates. “Will! What are you doing here! Shouldn’t you be busy in NY?” Dianna got up and hugged her friend. Will just opened up a new restaurant in New York, so he should be busy there, instead he was helping out this romantic night, for his friend.

Will chatted with Dianna for a minute or so and then left the young couple alone. Dianna and Matthew enjoyed dinner and talked about the past day. Matthew was surprised just how enthusiastic Dianna was. He was glad his plans worked out fine… Still one more to go. He watched her talk abundant, while he just sat there, smiling, holding her hand. He loved how she every now and then tucked away a string of hair behind her ears, or how she raised her eyebrows when she was getting a bit too excited. He loved the sound she not so rare would make, she  sounded like a cute baby dolphin. He loved the twinkles in her eyes. He loved her eyes, her smile, … God, he loved HER.

Dianna kept on rattling. “Come, let’s dance.” Matthew blurted out in the middle of Dianna’s sentence.  He got up and put out his hand for Dianna.
“There isn’t even music!” She laughed, raising her two hands.

"Ooh, there is." Matthew put his hand in the inside pocket of his blazer and got out his iPod.

He showed her the play list. “Songs for swingin’ lovers. Really, Matth?” Dianna asked him, playful hitting him on the shoulder.

"Hey, from now on it’s our album, agreed? Mr. Sinatra has pl

ayed a big part in our lives.” He put an earbud in her ear and pulled her close. They swayed on the music. Dianna let her head rest against Matthew’s shoulder. She loved how he smelled.

They swayed like this for a while. On the notes of Mr. Frank Sinatra’s You’re getting to be a habit.

Every kiss
Every hug
Seems to act
Just like a drug
You’re getting to be
A habit with me

Let me stay
In your arms
I’m addicted
To your charms
You’re getting to be
A habit with me

I used
To think your love
Was something
I could take
Or leave alone
But now I couldn’t do
Without my supply
I need you for my own

I can’t break away
I must
Have you everyday
As regularly
As coffee or tea
You’ve got me
In your clutches
And I cant break free
You’re getting to be
A habit with me

When the song finished, Matthew gave Dianna a kiss and looked in her beautiful eyes.

"Now I wanna play you a song. Come.”

Dianna looked surprised. She hadn’t seen a guitar anywhere, and Matthew wanted to play her a song? Now?

Matthew pulled Dianna over to an other corner and there stood a grand piano. A black one, decorated with many little candles. Matthew went to sit down and motioned for Dianna to set next to him.

"So, the next song, I don’t think you can guess it, so I’m just gonna say it… It’s from Frank Sinatra."

They both laughed.

"Never ever in a million years I would have guessed that correct, my love." Dianna said with a smirk, her hand gliding over Matthew’s cheek.

"So, this is an old tune. It’s on my pile of songs, that by my estimation, are some of the greatest songs written."

Matthew let his fingers glide over the keys and started to play some notes while he kept talking.

"You just can’t write songs like these nowadays, and if you did, you would be called cheesy. It’s a beautiful love song. Just listen."

He started to sing.


I can only give you love that lasts forever
And a promise to be near each time you call,
And the only heart I own
For you and you alone,
That’s all, that’s all.

I can only give you country walks in springtime
And a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall,
And a love whose burning light
Will warm the winter night,
That’s all, that’s all.

Matthew and Dianna kept their eyes interlocked throughout the entire song.

There are those, I am sure, that have told you
They would give you the world for a toy.
All I have are these arms to enfold you
And a love time can never destroy.

Dianna wiped away a tear. Matthew choked up a little too. His voice was shaky.

If you’re wondering what I’m asking in return, dear,
You’ll be glad to know that my demands are small.
Say it’s me that you’ll adore
For now and ever more,
That’s all, that’s all.

(That’s all - Frank Sinatra / Inspired by Darren Criss’s version )

He played the final note and turned to Dianna. He got up and helped her on her feet too. He grabbed her hands, with his thumbs caressing the back of her hands. He let out a deep sigh and looked her in her eyes.

"Dianna -we have known each other for a very long time now. And my love has only grown since that first day we met. We have shared so many memories. Some amazing and great stuff… But also some sad things. I am so sorry that you lost your mom." By this time, Dianna was crying, again. Matthew used his thumb to dry her tears. “She truly was a great person. And she has taught you well. Believe me, you are so ready for this next chapter in our lives.” Matthew put his hand on top of Dianna’s belly. She put her hand on top of his. “And I am looking forward to meeting these little ones.” He looked up at Dianna and she smiled back at him, through her tears. “But you know, we still have this whole future ahead of us. So many chapters still waiting to be written. You and I, together. With these two, of course!” He grinned.

He grabbed Dianna’s hands again and looked straight in her wonderful eyes.

"Di -Look at the stars. They are beautiful aren’t they?" And they both looked up, staring at the bright stars, far above them.

"And you know what, even when we can’t see them, they’re still there. Never changing, constant. Clouds might cover them, or we might forget to look up, but they’re there. Always. Just like your mom will always be there, watching over you. Over us, our little family. And just like the stars, you are that one constant in my life. You’ve always been there, just like I did my best to always be there for you. You were my guide along the way, and I’m really liking my journey so far. There is only one thing that you can do, no I’m sorry, one thing that you can say, to make my journey even better. Please say yes.” Matthew put his hand in the pocket of his blazer and got out a velvet box. The look on Dianna’s face was priceless. He got down on one knee and opened the velvet box.

"Will you make me the happiest man alive and take on this journey together? Dianna Elise Agron, will you marry me?"

Matthew had barely finished his question and Dianna was already screaming.

 ”Yes! YES! Of course I will, you silly! I thought you’d never asked!”

Matthew slided the ring over Dianna’s finger. It was a beautiful diamond. He got up and they embraced in a loving kiss.

All of a sudden, there were people screaming around them and applauding. They let go of each other. Dianna looked around and was surprised to see their best friends and some close family members. They had witnessed the romantic scene from the Skybar, above the pool area. Matthew had invited them over to share this special moment with. He knew it would mean a lot to Dianna, and be honest, he never doubted that her answer would be yes.

Dianna and Matth were being engulfed with congratulations, hugs and kisses by their friends.

“Woehoee! GLEE WEDDING!” Kevin screamed out, which earned him a rather hard hit by Naya on his arm. Everybody stayed around for a little celebratory party. It would be named one of the best parties ever, and to Dianna, it was a unbelievable day, a day she would never forget!

Matthew looked over to Dianna and saw her smile.  Their gazes crossed, Dianna smiled at Matthew and Matthew smiled back.  She looked so incredible happy. And, that’s all he ever wanted, for her to be happy. He walked over to her, and held her close. That’s all he ever wanted. That’s all

All’s well if all ends well.
-William Shakespeare

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Scavenger Hunt - Part 9 || A Modern Day Grace Kelly

It was 5:12 pm when Dianna entered the lobby of the Mondrian Hotel. She was late. Traffic had been dreadful. Just what you would expect on a Friday night in LA.

Right before she had entered the hotel, Lucas had said his goodbyes. He had grabbed her hands and said: “Dianna, I hope you had a great day so far. My services end here, now it’s up to you. Enjoy your night and tell Matthew I said hi.” He then kissed his sister on her forehead, gave her a hug and let her go.

When Dianna was walking over towards the hotel entrance, Lucas looked at her with a smile on his face. He knew what Matthew had planned for the rest of the night, and he knew that Dianna would totally adore it! He was happy that Dianna had found herself a great, caring man like Matthew. She deserved the best, and only the best. Lucas was one proud brother.

Dianna looked around at the hotel lobby. She remembered that one of the notes said something about seeing a familiar face? So far, nobody. She took a seat and let her mind wander around for a moment. There was just so much to process.


Dianna was brought back to reality after her name was screamed pretty loud and two arms hugged her from behind.
She turned her head around and saw who it was.

"Ash! How are you?"

It was one of her best friends, Ashley Avignone. She loved her blond friend’s free spirit.

"I am fabulous. Look at you, you look great!"

"Do I? I am kind of exhausted. Had a long day."

"Ooooh, you did? Care to tell me all about it over some drinks? I hear the bar is pretty great? Ooh, and they serve non-alcoholic drinks too, of course!"

"I would love to! So, tell me, are or are you not part of Matthew’s plans?"

"Maybe, maybe not…" Ashley answered with a smirk on her face and putting her tongue out. The girls interlinked arms and headed to the bar.

Drinks were great. So was catching up with Ashley.

"So, what to do next?" Ashley asked Dianna.
“Well,  tell me? You know, don’t ya?” Dianna asked her friend, raising her eyebrow.

"Maybe… Well, perhaps maybe you’ve got yourself a key?"

Both ladies smiled and Ashley grabbed Dianna by her hand and guided her towards the hotel room. Dianna opened it with the key and they got in.

Ashley started talking.

"So Dianna, from what I’ve heard, you had a great day so far. BUT it’s not finished yet. Matthew is waiting somewhere for you. He has planned dinner. But, my sweetie, you can’t go looking like this. And that’s where I come in! I’ve picked you some dresses to wear." Ashley grabbed some of the dresses, got them out of their bags and hung them on a clothing rack. "Just try some on, and pick the one you like the most." She said with a smile from ear to ear. "I personally like this one the most…" Ashley held up a simple navy dress that would emphasise her baby bump perfectly. "I love it." Dianna said.

Ashley helped Dianna get in the dress. She looked gorgeous.

"Now, all you need is hair and make up. Guys, come on in!"

At that moment, the door to the accompanying room went open and Dianna’s favorite hair and make up artist appeared. “Ooh, you guys, come here!” and Dianna hugged them both.

"We came baring gifts." Her hairdresser said, showing her the red rose and white envelope. "Now, sit down and let us work our magic. Not that you need it, dear, you look a-mazing!"

Dianna went to sit down and read Matthews note while getting her hair and make up done.


Sit back and relax.

In just a few moments, I’ll be able to hold you, to kiss you.
I’m counting down seconds, babe.

I’m sure you’ll look amazing, since you always do.
Even in the middle of the night or at 6 am.
You have this natural beauty, which I adore so very much.

When you’re finished, go to the room next door.
There, you’ll find my final clue.

Hurry up, darling.
Don’t keep me waiting too long…



Dianna was finished. Ashley took her hand and lead her to the room next door. There was a giant mirror. Dianna looked amazing. Her make up and hair were subtle, but great. Her dress fit perfect around her curves. She smiled.

“A modern day Grace Kelly.” Ashley whispered. “You look great, Di.”

Dianna stood there for a few moments, looking at her reflection in the mirror. It was not until then, that something caught her attention. At the upper corner of the mirror, something was written in lip stick.

'I bet you look amazing. You always do. Me'

Dianna smiled. A little note stuck to the upper corner of the mirror as well. Dianna grabbed it and read it out loud.


Your final clue to find your final stop of the night.
To find me.

Remember the place, where I dedicated a song to you for the first time?

It was at a party of my father’s company and I sang Fly me to the moon in front of so many people. I dedicated it to you. The start of a new chapter.

Find that place, and you’ll find me.

I’ll be waiting, close to where the moon and the stars are…

Forever yours,


Dianna smiled. She knew exactly where to find Matthew. He was close…

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Scavenger Hunt - Part 8 || A Gleeful Place

Lucas pulled up at the giant Paramount Studios gate and was greeted by one of the security guys.
“Identification, please?”

Dianna handed over her ID.
“Ah, Miss Agron, hadn’t seen you there. What brings you here on this wonderful day?” In the mean time he grabbed a visitors pass for Lucas and handed it to him.

"Visiting some of the best friends in the world and I’m hoping to see someone pretty special to me."

They drove further and Lucas parked the car in front of stage 14. “Here we are, my lady.”

On their way over to the stage entrance, Dianna was greeted by several people from the production team. They were all happy to see her and bombarded her with what seemed like a million questions.

“Dianna, what are you doing here?”
"Di, you look great! Look at that belly…"
"How are you feeling?"
"Damn, did your brother become even hotter these past months?"

And so on…

When Dianna entered, she was guided to the so familiar choir room, where they where shooting a scene. Some of her old castmates and the newbies. Cory was there too. She carefully entered and watched from the side. She saw that Kevin noticed her, so she waved and smiled at him.

“What are you doing here, miss sneeky?” Dianna felt two arms hug her from behind. It scared her so she let out a small scream. She quickly covered her mouth with her two hands and turned around to see Naya laughing.

 "CUT! How many times do I have to say to at least TRY and be quiet in the back?!" Brad was pretty angry. It had already been a long and hard day…

Naya was hugging Dianna close and the two of them were laughing. Naya in tears. “I’m so sorry.” Dianna managed to get out, before laughing again. “It’s all Naya’s faullt!”

Naya laughed and pushed Dianna playfully. Brad’s face lighted up when he saw it was Dianna. No man can be mad at this woman he thought. The others came closer and hugged Dianna. They talked shortly before bringing there attention back at the filming.

Dianna and Naya went out the choir room to talk a little.

"So what brings you here, hot momma?"

"Well, I was hoping to talk to Matthew for a bit. Is he here?"

"Oh, I’m sorry Di. He left like an hour ago. Had some things to do, he said." She shrugged her shoulders.

Matthew had asked his friends, their cast mates, to play a long a little. Naya so far, did incredible. She acted like her nose bled. She took Dianna to grab a little bite on the lot and they talked some more.

“Di, after they’ve finished their choir room scene, there will be a little screening of the upcoming episode at the auditorium. Care to join?”

Dianna was deep in her thoughts, thinking about why she had to come here. Matthew wasn’t around, and there were no clues left for her? What did she had to do?

"Dianna, you’re still alive there?" Naya nudged Dianna.

"What -oh yeah. I’m sorry. Just thinking. What were you saying?"

"A pre screening? At the auditorium?"

"Ooh, sounds great. I would love to."

When they had finished their food, both girls headed over to the auditorium. Many people were out there. The production team, hair and make up, the newbies and the writers. They took a seat after a some small talks. There was a big white screen at the back wall of the stage, that they often used for projections or screenings. Dianna found it weird that none of her old cast mates like Cory, Kevin, Darren, Heather or Vanessa were there. She looked around, searching for them but couldn’t find them.

“Di, I have to go to the toilet for a moment, I’ll be back quick.” And Naya left Dianna behind.

Naya hadn’t been gone for a minute, and the lights went out. The auditorium was completely dark.

And then, the white screen lit up and a movie started to play.

It pictured Matthew, standing in the middle of the auditorium’s stage, he looked directly at the camera and said: “Dianna, this has truly been on of the most gleeful places for the two of us. The memories and friends we have made here, -Matthew opens his arms and looks around- are forever ours to keep. -he then brings his hand to his heart- I hope you enjoy this little movie. After this, there’s one more stop to make. Looking forward to seeing you tonight. Bye, love you.

Dianna’s reaction was gold. She screamed and pretty much sounded like a dolphin. She looked around with questioning eyes and the others surrounding her, laughed at her.

Telly went to sit next to Dianna and held her close.

"Just look, my little lamb." He whispered before he kissed her hair.

"Did -Did he planned all this?" Dianna looked at Telly with her big bright eyes.
“He sure did. Must really love you.”

The image faded out and then a little title appeared:



The video featured all the old, orginial cast members saying the sweetest things about Dianna and her future with Matthew and their little family. It was a video in the style of the cast interviews by Kalen. Some things were extremely funny, like Kevin and Naya hitting each other because they were fighting over who loved Dianna the most. Chord saying something that he really loved kissing Dianna, but from now on, he would behave. He also mentioned that she would always be the Barbie to his Ken. Chris stating that she left him behind and went 'living the Disney Princess life without him’. That he was glad that she had found her Prince Charming. Jane saying 'God if I was younger  and wasn't gay, I would have snatched that great looking Aussie guy right out of your hands. Lucky for you, I am not.' Chris adding at this point 'If I wasn't gay, I would have been your Prince Charming, isn't it? Please say it is?!' Mark said that Dianna would always be 'his baby momma', because he had her knocked up before Matthew did. With a clear wink to the Beth storyline.

Also lots of tears and emotional moments.

Lea and Amber saying what a great mom Dianna would make. Darren mentioning that Dianna truly had become one of his greatest friends. And that he admired how her personality transcends her beauty. He ended with 'Your mother would have been so proud of the woman you have become. And I am proud to call you my friend, Dianna. I wish you the best.'

By this time, Dianna was already bawling. She let her tears stream free.

Cory then was the next to speak on the video. He said something about destiny always finding his way. And that she and Matth were just meant to be, because 'the two of you are just too damn perfect for each other' and 'I never truly believed in love, until I met the two of you. You guys have opened my eyes and showed me what it means to be in love, and I think I finally found that one person for me and I hope that we can be as happy as you guys'. At this moment, Lea came running in screen and kissed Cory before running back out. Cory stayed behind with a bedazzled look and his famous grin on his face. Hilarious! The auditorium bursted out in laughter.

The video ended with the tape of Dianna’s audition. Her singing Frank Sinatra’s Fly me to the moon. Then Matthew appeared on the screen. It was a live stream of him. He was holding his guitar and started playing the first notes to the Frank Sinatra song. Then all of a sudden, all the old glee cast members entered the stage and started singing and dancing a long with Matthew’s version of Fly me to the moon.

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a, Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true

Matthew sang the last words by himself…

In other words, in other words
I love you.

It sounded great. Dianna really loved it.

(sounds like Jason Mraz’s version - )

When the song finished, Matthew looked directly in the camera and said:

"Dear Dianna,

Aren’t these guys amazing?! -motioning to the glee cast, they are cheering loud-

Thank you for playing my game today.

Now, one more stop before we meet again.
The Mondrian Hotel at 5pm.

I promise, it will all be worth it.

See you tonight. Bye. -he blows her a little kiss-“

The others all gathered around Dianna and hugged and kissed her. Everybody was cheering and Dianna was amazed that they managed to keep this secret. Yet, she loved it! Dianna and Lucas stayed at the Glee set for a while. They talked and watched some scenes being shot, then they headed to their next location.

Dianna was hoping that it wouldn’t be too lang before she saw Matthew again. She was dying to thank him and overload him with sweet kisses and hugs. She could probably squeeze him to death right now, if it wasn’t for her big baby belly…

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Scavenger Hunt - Part 7 || All for one

At the Paramount Studios, Stage 14.

Matthew was getting anxious. A few weeks ago, he had gotten the green card from Ryan Murphy for his plans. He needed the cooperation of the Glee cast, Ryan said that it was fine, but his plans shouldn’t bring the filming in compromise.

Today was the day for his plans, but the filming didn’t go that well…
They had to reshoot the same scene over and over again. It was a group scene, and it never went as it should. Matthew was afraid they wouldn’t finish in time. He still  had the last things to arrange here on set!

"Cut!" Brad falchuk’s voice sounded harsh. "Okay you guys, concentrate! Zach, run over the choreography one more time… And focus! "

Matthew glanced over at his watch one more time. Cory noticed. “Relax man, we’ll nail it this time. You’ll be in time…” He put a re-assuring hand and Matthew’s shoulder and squeezed it, than he raised his voice: “Okay guys. Get your head in the game. This is me, giving an awesome peptalk. Okay, we can handle it. We’re gonna nail it, this time. Do it for Matthew and Dianna. This guy is getting pretty nervous ‘cause the clock is ticking by.” He put his hand back on Matthew’s shoulder and smiled at him. “Allright, bring it in.” Everybody came walking closer, and just like they always did before a Glee Live concert, they put their hands together. “One for all, and all for one.” Darren said, looking straight at Matthew. Than they all screamed “AMAZING!” and raised there hands. The group split up in laughter and returned to their required positions.

Brad smiled at the sight in front of him. He loved how they all where so close. “Okay, bring it! Ready… ? Action!”

The scene went perfect.

Matthew arranged the last things on set, and talked everybody through there roles for when Dianna got here,  before heading off to his next location. Everybody wished him well.

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Scavenger hunt - Part 6 || Shakespeare knows best

Lucas parked the car. They got out and he guided Dianna to the little book store, just around the corner. Some people recognised Dianna and asked for a picture or an autograph. Dianna wasn’t really in the mood, yet she stopped and managed to give her fans her brightest smile and a minute of her precious time.

She entered the store and looked around, glad that there weren’t too many people inside. She went over to the shelves and started her search. She let her fingers glide over the book covers, while trying to find the book she was looking for.

"Oh, here we are." She got down on one knee, and searched the shelve a little longer. "Got it!" She exclaimed happy, looking over to Lucas before getting the book out. "Shakespeare: The world as stage, this must be it.” Dianna opened the book and let the pages glide through her fingers. On the last page, she found a key card and a written note by Matthew.

'You've found it.
William Shakespeare. The greatest of them all, isn’t he?

“Time is very slow for those who wait
Very fast for those who are scared
very long for those who lament
Very short for those who celebrate
But for those who love time is eternal”
 - William Shakespeare

For me, love is the greatest. You -are the greatest.
And I hope my time with you, will be eternal.

Love always,


Dianna grabbed the book close to her chest and sighed. Matthew had really done his best today. This was one of the many moments so far, she had to fight her tears.

Dianna looked over to Lucas. “I love him.”
Lucas smiled and gave his sister a quick hug. “C’mon, let’s pay for this book and hit the road again.” He put his arm around her shoulders and guided her to the counter.

“William Shakespeare, huh? He was one great man, but that guy of yours, he’s one to keep, isn’t he?!” And the man behind the counter gave a wink at Dianna.
“He definitely is.” Dianna blushed at the comment.
“Your guy asked me to give you this.” And he handed Dianna a red rose and white envelope.


Dianna opened the envelope once they were back in the car.
 "Where to go, My Lady?" Lucas asked from the front seat.

Dianna read the letter out loud.

'The key you've found, is the key to a hotel room in the Mondrian.
Wait in the lobby around 5pm, and maybe, you’ll see a familiar face.

But that’s for tonight. One more stop before.

Go to the place where we’ve spent the most hours together, for these past two years.
The most gleeful place out there.
I think you know where to go?

Dianna, you already had the most important key,
The key to my heart.

Forever yours,


Dianna looked up to a anticipating Lucas. “To the Paramount Studios!” 

She exclaimed excited and with a huge grin. Wondering what Matthew could have planned there…

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Scavenger hunt - Part 4 || The Tea House Story

When Dianna said the next location, Lucas was grateful that Dianna was right. Matthew had told Lucas all the locations in advance, so when Dianna would be wrong, Lucas could still guide her to the right place.

They stopped in front of a little tea house. The same tea house as where Matthew and Dianna were seated all those years ago, right after Dianna’s Glee audition. Dianna was still new in LA, while Matthew had already studied in LA for a year, so he knew where to go when the rare California rain came pouring down on the two friends. Ever since their first meeting there, they regularly met at the same place. Cozy with a hot drink inside, or with a refreshing drink under the California sun on the little terrace in front. Matthew had always loved their little get togethers at the tea house. Dianna would tell him all the stories from the Glee set and he would share his college experiences. Both eagerly listening to one another. During their little meetings, Matthew fell in love all over again, and was reminded at why he fell in love with Dianna, back in high school. So for him, it all started here…

Dianna entered the little place and took a seat. She was smiling, remembering all the conversations she and Matthew used to have here. Sharing their experiences, their life together. Trying to make the other smile when he or she was feeling down, or sharing in each other’s happiness. There was a lot of crying. Not all of them sad tears, some from laughing so hard, their stomachs started to hurt. Yeah, definitely good times.


Conner, a dark haired and handsome man, the tea house’s barista, came over to Dianna’s table. Dianna greeted him warmly. They’ve became quite friendly with each other over the years.

"Dianna, I thought I would see you stopping by today. What can I get you?"

Dianna ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream. They where incredible in this place!

Dianna looked around, wondering where to search for the next clue. And then she found it. Conner came walking over with her hot chocolate, he also carried with him a red rose and a white envelope. He put the drink in front of her and handed over the rose and envelope. “Someone asked me to give this to the most beautiful woman that would stop by today.” He winked at her, gave her a small pinch in her shoulder and stepped away.

Dianna opened the envelope. This time, it wasn’t just a quick small note, it was a full on letter.

'Dear Di, my love,

This is where it all started for us, didn’t it?

I technically should have sent you to Burlingame High, ‘cause that’s where we first met, but this, this is the place where I was brave enough to tell you about my feelings. Not just a high school crush, but true feelings. Shared between two adults. They haven’t changed, you know? They just became that much stronger. They have been growing, ever since our first date here.

October 13th, 2008. A very special day for you. The day you learned that you where gonna be a part of the pilot of a singing show on primetime. And you called me to celebrate. I was proud, that you considered me important enough, to share such a big change in your life.

We spent the rainy afternoon in this cozy tea house. Chatting about life, and where it would take us. You were on the verge of finding your place in this big big world. I was still searching, but happy that you were there to accompany me on the way.

When I was feeling down, your gleeful stories brightened my day. So did that beautiful smile of yours. What started as just a single get together, soon grew to become a weekly habit. Even when you were so busy shooting Glee and making new friends, you managed to find a little hole in your schedule for me and our little talks. I am forever grateful for your amazing scheduling gifts.

We started, as just two friends with a past, I never was brave enough to dream about  a future, yet here we are.

This is where it all started for us. No question-mark this time.

You are the person I want to have next to me, all the time. No question-mark needed here, I’m confident.’

Dianna stopped reading here. Her eyes were filled with tears now. She was hoping that Matthew would come and sit down next to her, to hug her. To comfort her. But when he didn’t magically appear, Dianna kept reading.

'Please bear with me on this journey, I promise you it's worth it. Take your time at this special place. Order some food. Knowing you, you must be craving something by know. Relive our memories.

Make sure to look at the chalkboard suggestion menu. There are some great things on it!

Conner will provide you with the next clue, when you leave.

Bon appetit, ma chérie.



Dianna looked at her watch and was surprised by the amount of time that already passed. She grabbed the menu laying on her table and called Conner to take her orders.

"Have you made your choice?"

"Yes, I would love a chicken salad please. "

"You’ve seen our suggestions, Dianna? Come along with me."

Conner grabbed Dianna’s hand and pulled her over to the big chalkboard wall with the suggestions. There was also a little chalkboard with a quote written upon it. 

'When I saw you
I fell in love
And you smiled
beause you knew’

Dianna smiled upon reading the quote. It was her favorite. And Matthew often used it, when he was being romantic.

Conner and Dianna laughed and joked around for a bit. Then she went back to the table, where Lucas was waiting for her.

"I’m hungry." He just jokingly answered Dianna’s questioning look. "So I just thought I could come in, order some food and you could tell me the story behind this place?"

"I gladly will, Brother Bear!" And she gave him a loving hug, before sitting down and telling the Tea House Story with a never fading smile on her face.

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Scavenger hunt - Part 5 || Fly me to the moon

After a lovely dinner and having enjoyed Dianna’s story, Lucas spoke up.

"Come on Di, time to go. We’re on a tight schedule here!"

Dianna laughed at it. They got up, went over to Conner to pay the bill, and like a true gentleman, Lucas payed. (He kept quiet about the fact that Matthew payed him well for his services today

Conner thanked them for their visit and handed over the next note.

'Hope you enjoyed dinner, and are ready for the surprises to come!

Go to your favorite guilty pleasure store and find our album. If you buy the right one, you’ll get another letter.



Lucas looked at Dianna with questioning eyes, she just stared back at him and said

"Up to Hollywood Boulevard!"

"Do you really think now’s the time to go shopping, Dianna?" Conner asked, not getting the point.
“Oh sweet Conner, my guilty pleasure is music. There’s a little record store there, hidden in a narrow alleyway. And I think, Matthew has picked it as our next location. Am I right?” She turned towards Lucas, her face smitten with confidence, hands on her side.

“You two now eachother way to well.” Was all Lucas replied.

"Made for eachother." Conner added. And the two boys high fived.

Lucas accompanied Dianna inside the record store. The bell sounded loudly when they entered. Dianna was welcomed with a knowing smile by the owner, who knew her by name. Dianna headed to the counter. She wanted this to go fast.

“Kevin, how are you today? Ready to get out of here, I bet! I think you have something for me? I’ll just take it of your hands and then I’ll be going.”

Lucas smiled at his sister’s eagerness. Even more at Kevin’s reply.

Kevin had known Dianna long enough to expect this one and Matthew had told him earlier to let Dianna sweat a bit.

"Not so fast, Miss Eager Much. I think you have to work for this one, the store’s all yours."

Dianna knew a lost fight when she saw one, so she turned around and made her way through the narrow aisles. Their album? Is this a test? Why do we have so many songs?

Dianna wrecked her brain, letting her fingers glide through the albums. Looking for something that would ring a bell.

She shoved her hands deep into her coat pockets, feeling for the envelopes that she had carefully folded and placed there. She felt her fingers glide over her key chain when it hit her. Frank Sinatra!

Matthew had gifted her one of his albums, back in senior year, for her birthday. Songs for swingin’ lovers. It became her favorite album. She listened to it all the time. It also inspired her for her Glee audition, where she sang Frank Sinatra’s Fly me to the moon. Later, after she found out she got the part of the blond cheerleader on the singing show, Matthew gifted her a key chain. The same key chain that was now in her pocket. It’s a golden moon, with some small stars attached. On the back are some of the song’s lyrics engraved.


 Fly me to the moon
Let me play amongs the stars
- Aim for the highest,
never settle for less. M.

It was his 'congratulations, you've got the part and now you will become a big Hollywood star' present. Dianna loved it.

Later on, the two of them often listened to the songs on the album. She loved it when Matthew grabbed his guitar and played them. She was always so amazed at how easy he could play and how well he sounded singing them.

She remembers this one night where Matthew would perform some songs at a party of his father’s company in LA. He had invited her. This was right after the pilot episode of Glee aired, and one of the last times the two of them could just hang out in public without Dianna being recognised by others. Dianna had brought some of her cast mates a long. They were all in awe when they saw Matthew perform. This guy was good! That night, Matthew ended with Frank Sinatra’s fly me to the moon and dedicated it to 'his most precious friend out there'. He added: 'This song was the start of a new chapter for you. May it be the beginning of all your dreams coming true. I wish you the very best.'

Dianna smiled at the memories coming back to her.

Faster than humanly possible, she located the album and brought the vinyl to the sales counter.
Kevin raised an eyebrow. “That was faster than I thought! I even received some tips from Matthew for when you wouldn’t find it! You are good.”

Dianna grinned, payed for the record and found a note inside.

'Hi to my most precious friend out there,

Great to see you still remember this album.
It has provided me with some great memories along the way.

Now, remember the quote in the Tea House?
I think you know the author?

Go to the little bookshop where we bought my mother’s Christmas present last year.

You’ll find a book about the author of the quote.

Open it and just maybe you’ll find a little something inside that could come in great use, later tonight.

Don’t forget, The world’s your stage

Good luck and remember,

You smiled because you knew.



(note: Fly me to the moon isn’t on this particular album, but let us just think it is, okay. This album had the greatest title and album cover. :) )

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Scavenger hunt - part 3 || The Brightest of them All

Dianna looked up when Lucas stopped the car. She looked outside and smiled. They where at the YM&C Headquarters building! A place Dianna loved so dearly. She was the founder of this amazing concept and very proud to be so.

Lucas helped Dianna out of the car.
“We’ve arrived at your destination. I’ll wait here for you.”

"Aren’t you coming in too?" Dianna asked Lucas.

"No M’am. Strict orders not to leave the car." He winked. They laughed.

Dianna entered the building and looked around. How could she find what she needed to, if she didn’t know what to search for?! Then she remembered… Go to the place you love the most

Dianna went upstairs, to the first floor and opened a white, olden door. She smiled. Dianna entered the room and looked around at all the pictures. This was her favorite room of the headquarters. They’ve named it the Picture Room. It was here, where they developed photo’s en the next door dark room and worked with them. Since Dianna was utterly found of photography, this was her go to place in the building. Her secret garden.

Dianna looked at the walls. There where all new pictures. Hundreds of pictures of smiling old people. Old couples hugging or kissing. They all look so happy! Dianna let her eyes scan the pictures carefully. She took her time and enjoyed the theme of old, but happy people. Then she found it! This must be the one, the brightest of them all and she took the picture of the wall. It was a smiling old man. With no teeth at all, but he looked so incredible happy. Dianna turned the picture around. There was something written upon it. She recognized Matthews handwriting.


'You've found me. The brightest of them all, isn't he?
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw this picture.
Neither can I, when you’re around me…

I love you Dianna.
Look around you,

One day, this will be the two of us.

But for now, let us go back to the start.

You remember the place where it all started for the two of us?
No, I don’t mean high school. Yes, I loved you then,
but I loved you even more since you came to LA.

Think back to the day you auditioned for Glee.

Go to the place, where we met up.
That’s where I felt sparks fly.

Time for a tea break, isn’t it?

But first, there is a projecter placed behind you.
He does not just stands there…



Dianna smiled. For what felt like the 100th time that day. Matthew planned this all so careful. She loved all of it! She continued to look at the surrounding pictures, before turning her attention to the projecter. She stepped closer. ‘PLAY ME’ was written upon it ‘THIS SOON WILL BE YOU’. Dianna pressed the play button and took a seat in one of the cozy chairs.

 The projecter started to play a little movie on the white wall in front of it. It was definitely an older movie. It seemed to be a home video. And then she recognised it. The woman and the room she was in… It was Dianna’s mother, when she was very young. Holding a small baby, probably Dianna herself was what she thought. Her mom was singing her a lullaby. God, she looks so beautiful.Tears formed in Dianna’s eyes. She truly missed her mom, especially now, on the verge of becoming a mother herself. She started to sing a long with the lullaby.

Now it’s time to say good night
Good night Sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I’ll close mine
Good night Sleep tight
Now the moon begins to shine
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
( good night - the beatles)

After the sweet movie, Dianna needed some time to compose herself. Then, she went back to Lucas, who was waiting by the car.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” He asked his big sister.
She smiled and answered “More than I could have imagined.”  She hugged Lucas close, she just needed it now. Lucas whispered something in her ear “Dream sweet dreams for me…”
Dianna looked up, straight into his eyes. And they hugged again.

Matthew had showed Lucas the little video before, and Lucas had cried too, so he knew what Dianna was feeling now. Dianna was just happy her baby brother was around for hugs. They both missed their mom so much, but where happy, because they still had eachother…

When the two of them were back in the car, and the emotions were settled a bit, Lucas asked where to go next. Luckily, Dianna knew just the place to go, so they started the drive to their next location.

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Scavenger hunt - Part 2 || Designated Driver

In the mean time, Matthew was on the glee set, in between shooting scenes. He took a seat and logged into his Twitter account after seeing Dianna’s tweet on his phone. He smiled when he read it and responded.

MatthewOConner -“@DiannaAgron -Ready for a day full of surprises! What a wonderful world… ” Be prepared for the unpredictable. Love.

"What you’re smiling about, bro?" Darren took a seat next to his amigo.

"You look like you’re in heaven."

Matthew looked up at Darren and smiled.

"Dianna just tweeted she’s excited for today. Looks like my planned surprise day took of well."

"Ofcourse it does! Dianna will absolutely love it! And all of us guys, will have to do our utterly best if we ever want to impress a girl in the future, thanks to you and your romantic dates."

Darren gave Matthew a playful push. He responded with a grin.

“Yeah man. Thanks to you, a pizza date won’t ever be enough to make a good first impression! I hate you and your Prince Charming offensive!” Chord walked over and picked up on the conversation of the two men. He took a seat next to Darren and they all laughed.

“So man, everything set for the rest of the day?” Chord asked Matthew with a genuinely interest.

"I think so. Well, I hope so. I hope everything will go as planned…" Matthew looked down at his hands. He was nervous and was not good at hiding  it.  Darren noticed his friends downfall and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Di’s gonna love today. I just know she will. If you need any more help… Just let us know.” “Yeah man, I’m willing to do almost everything!” Chord chirped in.

Matthew looked up at his friends and thanked them. He was grateful to have such supporting people in his life.


Back at Dianna’s.

Dianna lifted her head when she heard a car stop in front of the house. She was so excited!

She got up as quickly as her protruding belly allowed her, grabbed her purse and jacket, and went to open the door.

A smile graced her face when she opened it and looked up. In front of her stood Lucas, her younger brother. He was dressed in a very nice black suit and was holding a red rose and white envelope.

“Goodmorning Mylady. My name is Lucas and I’m your driver for the day. My boss asked me to give you these.”

And he handed over the rose and envelope. Dianna was laughing so hard. She even had some tears in her eyes. Lucas gave it his everything to stay in his role, but just admit, he isn’t an actor, so he didn’t succeeded and erupted in laughter too. Brother and sister just stood there for a few moments, laughing. It was nice to see.

When Lucas managed to get his serious face back together, he guided Dianna over to the car and opened up the door for her so she could get in easy.

"Like a true gentleman!" Dianna teased. He took a seat behind the wheel and started the engine.

"Where are you taking me, you fine young mister?" Dianna asked her brother with a playful grin.

"Well my lovely lady, my boss gave me clear instructions to keep your destination a secret. So, … Enjoy your ride." He winked at her and she laughed at him.

Lucas began the short drive to their still secret destination. The back seat became quiet, so he looked trough the back rear mirror at his sister and smiled. She was opening the white envelope and the smile on her face was even brighter than usual. Lucas loved seeing his sister so happy. She deserved it. Dianna was one of the most caring and selfless people he knew. It felt great seeing her being spoiled like this by Matthew. He knew she would love all the surprises Matth had planned for her…

In the mean time, Dianna was reading the little note. 


 I hope you enjoy your personal driver.
 I handpicked him myself.
He seemed to be the most reliable one, and be honest,
he just looks damn good in a black suit!

Your driver will escort you for the rest of the day.
He knows your next location.
The other locations are up to you to find.

On your next location, go to the room you love the most.
You’ll find your next clue there.

Good luck,


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Scavenger hunt - part 1 || What a Wonderful Wordl

Matthew was up at the break of dawn. These past few weeks, he had been planning a big surprise for Dianna. A romantic day, for the woman he loved so dearly. 
That day, had finally arrived. And since he had to arrange so many things, he was already up and busy for several hours.

Matthew walked up to their bedroom, where he smiled at the sight of the beautiful blonde woman sleeping so cute in their bed. He checked everything he had arranged there, to make sure everything was set for the day. He glanced over to Dianna when she stirred in her sleep. God, she looks so peaceful. He tiptoed over to her, got down on his knees, and gave her a sweet and gentle peck on her forehead, making sure he wouldn’t wake her up. “You’ll love what I have in store for you today, my lady. Love you so much.” He whispered in her ear before getting up and leaving the room.

He packed his bags and his belongings and left the house. He still had a lot to arrange today, and he wanted to make sure, everything was perfect for the woman of his dreams.

It was 8am when Dianna woke up by her alarm clock. Yet, it wasn’t the usual irritating sound, but Matthew’s sweet voice serenading her with a song she loved so dearly.

I see trees of green,
red roses too.
I see them bloom,
for me and you.
And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world.

A smile graced Dianna’s face on instant. “I love you.” She said while turning around in bed to give Matthew a hug, only to find an empty spot next to her. Dianna was surprised that Matthew wasn’t there, in stead, she found a little white envelope and a single red rose.
Her name was written down on the envelope and she immediately recognised Matthew’s neat handwriting. She opened the envelope and pulled out a Polaroid picture of her sleeping with 'My Sleeping Beauty' written underneat it, a picture Matthew took before leaving earlier. There was also a little note in the envelope. She carefully unfolded and read it.


Please forgive me, I’m not there.
Something very important came up.
You’ll find out later. Promised.

I hope you slept well.

Look outside the window,
What a wonderful world!

I’ll see you tonight,

Love you,


Dianna smiled at the letter in her hands. Only Matthew she thought. She yawned and stretched her arms before sitting up on the edge of her bed. She placed her hand on her baby bump.

“Looks like it’s just the three of us today, ‘cause daddy’s busy.”
As almost in a response to Dianna’s voice, she received a small kick from one of the babies.
"Ho! Calm down in there. I don’t like it either, but we’ll get trough."

Dianna got up and walked over towards the window. The sun was peering through the curtains. She opened them and closed her eyes. Her eyes needed time to adjust to the sudden and bright light. It really is a wonderful world crossed her mind and then she noticed something that made her smile even brighter. Outside, on their bedroom balcony, there was a table set up nicely for breakfast. Fresh orange juice, pancakes, yoghurt and fruits. Perfect!  She grabbed her robe, opened the sliding doors and stepped out into the terrace. She took a seat at the table and poured out some orange juice before noticing an other white envelope and red rose. She smiled.

Inside the envelope was an other Polaroid picture. This one had Matthew on it, sitting at this table only a few hours earlier, with a gigantic smile on his face Looking incredible cute. Dianna took out the note and read it.

Hello beautiful-

I hope you love your surprise. Enjoy breakfast.

I’d like you to play a game today. Will you play for me?
I promise it will be worth it.

If you’re up for it, I arranged some one to pick you up at 10am.
Be ready & enjoy your day!


Dianna was getting excited after reading the note, eager to find out about Matthew’s plans. She took her time to enjoy breakfast to the fullest. She loved the view over their garden at this time of the day.

After breakfast, she took a long and very welcome shower. Her back had been killing her lately, and hot showers seemed to ease the pain a bit.Dianna got all her stuff together for the day. She still had some time to kill before 10am, so she nestled herself into the pillows in her sofa. Arthur and Elvis, her French bulldog and new black kitten nestled themselves next to her. She grabbed her laptop close, and opened Twitter. She checked her mentions for a while before posting something herself.

DiannaAgron -Ready for a day full of surprises! What a wonderful world…

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Gone Boardin’ - Riding the slopes || Matthew & Cory

Cory Monteith, with his Canadian roots, found of snow and the mountains. He was really good at snow boarding. Hitting the snow with his board, was one of his favorite things to do.  

Matthew O’Conner, with his Australian roots, he grew up living near the beach and the ocean. He was a pro at surfing. Hitting the waves was one of his all-time favorite things to do.

Read more …

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